As artists, we love collaboration. We’d love to feature your art in Black Rock Station.

A Pack of Art

Inside the station, the Dispenso-matic dispenses art to visitors. We’d love to feature your art in the vending machine.

Themes for submitted art might include:

  • Train-themed art
  • References to alternate takes on history
  • Post-apocalyptic supplies (during the Collapse of 2055 to 2065, a pretty bad decade for everyone, worldwide)
  • Your own interesting ideas

If you’d like to submit art to the Black Rock Station Dispenso-Matic 3000, submissions should be in their own self-contained package.

We found that Betsy was way more particular about the size of the packages that would work (too large and they jam up the machine, too small and they, uh, jam up the machine). We have lots of boxes we’re happy to toss your tiny art into. Or if you want to prep the packages they absolutely have to be within these dimensions:

  • Height: from 3″ min. to 3-1/8″ max.
  • Width: from 2″ min. to 2-1/8” max.
  • Depth: from 3/4″ min. to 1″ max.

We had good luck with all of the following boxes:

We will have to receive your ready-made packages by Aug 15 to include them. Ready to start a conversation about this with us?

Posted Ephemera

We’d love to have your ephemera posted on the Black Rock Station noticeboard to be seen by other travelers from 1858 to 2110. Examples include:

  • advertisement
  • lost & found
  • public notice
  • other ephemera

This submission is one of the rewards from our Kickstarter.

Pledge $10 or more
Coach Ticket


  • Your message posted at the Station
  • Invitation to 85th Anniversary Celebration and Rededication

Visit our Project Kickstarter (ended mid-June)

Make sure to send your item to Black Rock Transportation Company HQ before August 15. And of course, as a regular traveler, you will receive an invitation to the Golden Spike Ceremony that will officially open the station.

Have questions about submitting art? Please contact us.

Other Ways To Help

There are lots of ways you can get involved in this project. Thanks for asking. We have a few suggestions.