Here are some things you may have missed at Black Rock Station.

There were clues to a deeper mystery scattered about, particularly on the community board.

The Shinjuku Golden Gai postcard on the community board lead to a clue at the Reception bar in Golden Guy Alley.

Graffiti on a HO-scale boxcar at Reception provided the combo to the station post office box.

A letter within the mailbox lead to more puzzles at Plunderground where, upon successful completion, you were rewarded with station swag.

There were additional clues that lead to Square Empire’s secret pulled pork and wonton cart, a Tiki Bar (Palapa ‘La Cangreja’) and travel agency deep in walk-in camping, and a secret involving Kostume Kult.

In the magazine rack, a lost researcher’s journal may have appeared. This is Dr. Anna Zevallos’ journal from 2110.

Another lost item that you may have found was some time-traveling hobo’s Trainhopper’s Guide to the Future (and the Past).

These are just some of the secrets of Black Rock Station and doesn’t include the alternate take on history that you may have glimpsed in the waiting room magazines, the television, or the office radio.