Black Rock Station is a classic rural train station built in the mid-1930s, complete with a length of track, a platform, a bench, a working signal bridge, and two working crossing signal masts. Inside, the station will have the faded elegance of an authentic train station existing in the 1982 narrative frame, including a station clock, bench, train schedules, TV, ticket window, and ephemera from a variety of eras. The station will be built using modular frame construction with a gabled roof. From a distance, the visual effect will be striking, bringing up the first mystery of the piece: How did this get here?

Black Rock Station Long View Elevation

The Black Rock Transportation Company was formed in 1931 with the consolidation of two smaller railroad companies: the Virginia & Tonopah and the Trego, Antelope & Jungo. The BRTC was the brainchild of promoters Lauren Benz and her long-term business partner, Rico Thunder, both of California. Black Rock Station was built to serve Black Rock City with the help of Black Rock investment capital and public bonds in 1938.

Black Rock Station Front Elevation
Black Rock Station Side Elevation

Generally, the station will be made of wood while external features are mild steel.

  • 2×4 wall studs, rafters, rafter ties, and blocking
  • 4×8 exterior plywood on walls and roof
  • 4×8 interior paneling on interior walls
  • 4×8 exterior paneling on station platform
  • doors, windows, &c.
  • rails and hardware are mild steel
  • crossing masts are mild steel posts
  • signal bridge is wood
  • various low-voltage electronics, lights, speakers, and sensors
  • power cables rated for load
  • 2200-Watt propane-fueled generator